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In Defence of the Virtual: A Secret History of Ballardian Film Adaptations

Author: Simon Sellars • Mar 12th, 2012 •

Category: alternate worlds, CCTV, Chris Marker, David Cronenberg, film, Lead Story, Philip K. Dick, Shepperton, Solveig Nordlund, surveillance

by Simon Sellars

Originally published in the Norwegian-language magazine Vagant, May-August 2011, pp. 10-11. It appears here in English for the first time.

In 1986, Christian Bale, as a child actor, made his breakthrough in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun, a film based on the wartime experiences of J.G. Ballard. Recently, Bale announced he was returning to Ballard in a forthcoming adaptation of the author’s classic mid-70s novel Concrete Island with director Brad Anderson (actually, this collaboration was first mooted in 2005). This was exciting news for Ballard fans, following the recent hype surrounding Vincenzo Natali’s proposed adaptation of High-Rise, Ballard’s follow up to Concrete Island. But will these projects actually eventuate? Natali’s involvement was originally announced in 2005 2002 with little progress made since save for a mock poster showing the eponymous building, clearly modelled after the Burj Khalifa, plonked in the middle of the ocean (a far cry from the novel’s urban-London apartment block). Ballard’s work, seemingly more than most authors, has generated several failed adaptations and odds are that Natali’s efforts, and possibly Bale’s and Anderson’s, will similarly fall away.

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