Arcosanti is an experimental town located 60 miles north of Phoenix in the Arizona desert. Architect Paolo Soleri founded Arcosanti in 1970 to test his concept of “arcology,” which is a literal co-joining of the words architecture and ecology. An arcology was envisioned as a hyper-dense city within a building, concentrating the complexity of human settlement into a single, compact structure. Developed as a response to the wasteful and destructive process of suburban sprawl, Soleri describes the arcology as a process of “miniaturization,” a dramatic shrinking of the footprint of human settlement. Viewing urban expansion as fundamentally destructive to the environment, Soleri’s arcology promotes an ecologically harmonious settlement.

Arcosanti was designed as a tiny arcology prototype. Planned to develop into a community of 5,000 people, Arcosanti has only grown to a fluctuating population of around 100, as I learned on a recent tour of the site with Cosanti Foundation president…

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~ by russellmoreton on September 30, 2012.

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